Watersports is playing with piss during sex. This can mean pissing on a guy, drinking his piss, pissing up a guy’s arse, or watching someone piss.

Why We Do It

Whether it’s piss, cum, or spit, taking another man’s fluid can be a serious turn on. For some, breaking the taboo of being seen or watching others piss is incredibly horny. Others find the act of piss play a huge turn-on when it’s part of dominant/submissive scenes.

Players may keep their piss play restricted to the bathroom, shower, or public urinal, but some guys like to incorporate it into the bedroom. Rubber sheets can be laid down to protect the mattress, but some guys may choose to soak their bed or clothes in piss because the lingering smell of urine turns them on.

The Nuts and Bolts of It

Watersports, like all things sexual, is best when everyone involved is getting what they want. If you can find a way, negotiate ahead of time with your partners about what is and isn’t acceptable: strong piss versus diluted piss; keeping it away from clothes and bedding (or not); and whether piss fucking is an option.

You’re going to want to drink a lot of fluids beforehand. If you don’t want to get too intoxicated, drink water instead of alcohol. If you get piss fucked by a guy who has been using drugs, you may also feel effects from those drugs.

Piss is sterile for the most part, so some of us use it for enemas or douches, which is incredibly hot for the top and bottom.

If you’re into doing some piss play, think about these things first:

  • Piss can carry STIs like Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and Herpes
  • Alcohol or drugs (everything from aspirin, HIV meds to recreational party drugs) consumed by the top will be in his piss and if flushed into your arse will hit your system strongly. This is because there are no stomach enzymes in your arse to break them down
  • Salts and acids in urine can break down the lining of your arse, making it more likely to tear and then more susceptible to infections

Think About

Piss play is safe. HIV can’t be transmitted via piss. Piss fucking (pissing in someone’s arse then fucking them) can be a little more risky. That is because it happens without a condom. If a negative guy is taking PrEP or a positive guy has an undetectable viral load (UVL), then the risk is removed.

Some of these tips can help you and your mate lower the chances of getting or passing on STIs:

  • Only drink or douche with your own piss (you can’t reinfect yourself)
  • Avoid getting piss into any cuts, sores or ulcers
  • Instead of piss-fucking bareback, use a speculum or tunnel butt-plug to open up the arse
  • Don’t swallow the piss of a guy on drugs or alcohol if you don’t want to ingest that drug also
  • Getting piss in your eyes not only stings but can also transmit STIs if they are present


Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are not found in urine, but if a guy has them in his dick, they can be flushed out through the urethra when he takes a piss and be passed onto someone else.

CMV (cytomegalovirus) is a strain of herpes that can be transmitted in urine. In healthy people it does no more harm than cause mild flu-like symptoms, but in more high-risk individuals (like those with high HIV viral loads) it can lead to severe damage in your body.