FAIR PLAY is an LGBTIQ community initiative to help people understand their drug and party related legal rights.  FAIR PLAY is a commitment by LGBTIQ organisations to provide accurate legal resources and education to the LGBTIQ community.

Check out their latest fact sheet about NSW Drug Laws – Myths and Realities here

FAIR PLAY’s website has lots of easy to read information about keeping safe, police powers, drug searches, sniffer dogs and complaint procedures.

FAIR PLAY is committed to respecting human rights through the principles of harm reduction.  Fair Play is interested in the safety of the HowHard community and providing us with as much information as possible.

The Fair Players are a team of specially trained volunteers who are on site at key Mardi Gras events to share legal and safety information, monitor the operations of police and provide support to people who have been searched or questioned by police.

If something happens and you need some help, click here

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by police, click here