How can our community help with the goal of ENDING HIV? Easy.

Test Often

It’s important to know your HIV status. Knowing your status helps you look after yourself and your partners. The more fucks you have the more tests you will need, at least four times a year.

And remember, this should include a full sexual health screen.

To find a testing service near you, click here.

Treat Early

If you do test positive and you and your doctor have discussed treatment – start.

The earlier you start treating the better. It benefits you and your partners.

Stay Safe

Staying safe is easy. We have more tools at our disposal to prevent HIV transmission than ever before.

Condoms when used correctly, still provide a fantastic way to stop HIV from being passed on. And they offer the best protection against STIs.

UVL provides Poz men the confidence that they will not pass on HIV when fucking raw.

PrEP gives negative men the confidence that they are protected from acquiring HIV if they are exposed to it.