Sexpig, Cumdump, Filthy, Barebacker, Piss Pig, Cumwhore, Pup, Pervert, Manhole, Fucktoy…


This site is designed by and speaks to our community of men who play hard.

HowHard aims to provide us with relevant information about sexual health, sexual practices and drug use – and how sex when partying can be done safely. This site is by a community of pigs for a community of pigs.

We acknowledge that in play spaces, we learn from each other. HowHard is the collection of that knowledge in one place. We want you to take care of yourself, your partners and your fuckbuddies.

And we want you to keep telling us how you look after yourself and your mates when playing hard, by contributing your stories and advice.

HowHard is run by the sexually adventurous men’s (SAM) project at ACON with a strong connection to and involvement from our community.

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