Why We Do It

Alcohol can lower our inhibitions, making us feel more confident and increase our desire to fuck. It changes our mood, and whether we get more aggressive or more docile usually depends on the situation we’re drinking in.

Alcohol can also give us a bit of ‘Dutch Courage’ to approach that guy in a bar, walk into that SOPV, or say yes to that nearby guy online. We can find ourselves doing things we’ve only ever dreamt of, or things we won’t remember in the morning. Often, in the Party N Play scene, alcohol is used along with other drugs to keep us going for longer – it can numb our dicks just enough to fuck that bit harder, but hopefully not so much that we get brewers droop.

If you’re into watersports, drinking enough beer can mean a lot of piss to play with, and if you haven’t been using other drugs, it’s likely to be pretty clear and odourless (which you may or may not prefer!).

The Nuts and Bolts of It

In a drunk state, we sometimes lose perspective of our actions, or find ourselves in situations with guys we normally wouldn’t be attracted to (“beer goggles”). This may mean we take risks during sex that we might have avoided if we were sober.

For some guys who binge on alcohol in one session, or drink consistently over time, getting or keeping a hard cock might be a problem. Others could experience quite extreme effects such as a partial or total blackout, involving a loss of consciousness, or at least memory of what you did the night before.

Think About

Alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs there is, and because it’s legal and so commonplace in Australia, some guys can have a problem with the amount or frequency they drink.

No one wants to be the only pissed guy at a party, so matching your mates drink for drink and recognizing when you and your fuck buddies need to stop or drink water can help.

Fucking when you’re drunk can mean you’re less likely to notice tears or cuts, or condom breakages; it might also mean that you don’t negotiate your practices well. Doing this before you get too drunk and checking yourself and your partners regularly should cut down on this.

Negotiating your boundaries and HIV prevention methods (Condoms, PrEP, Sero-Sorting – and have a look over here to see your options to be safe) before you take your drugs is a good way of looking after your health and your partners’. As your inhibitions are lowered you may choose to take more risks, so share the love as well as the responsibility.

If you’re into watersports and drinking piss, anything that person has swallowed, you’ll be swallowing; meaning you will get drunk if they’re drunk.

Mixing Alcohol and Other Drugs

It is important to avoid using GHB when drinking alcohol. It can be common for people to drop or overdose when the two have been mixed together.

Mixing alcohol with any depressants like weed (marijuana) and Valium is strongly discouraged.

When Ecstasy and alcohol are combined it can dangerously increase body temperature and speed up the dehydration process in the body.

Alcohol and HIV+

For HIV poz guys, there is a chance that alcohol can have adverse interactions with certain antiretroviral drugs. This is a conversation best had with your doctor. If you are concerned, be sure to check the next time you have a check-up.

Problem Use

Abusive consumption of alcohol can create physical and psychological dependence that will affect how you interact socially and the way you function day-to-day. Consuming large amounts of alcohol increases the risk of liver damage and excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to illnesses such as cancer and brain damage.

If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol use, connect with support services who can offer assistance, such as ACON here.

More of It

When you want to know more about drinking and how it might affect you visit these sites, however HowHard cannot verify the accuracy of external websites we link to and we would like to remind guys to check-in with your GP or nurse for the most accurate information and how it relates to you:

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