AKA: Tina, Ice, Crystal Meth, Glass, Tweak

Why We Do It

With long sessions, extreme horniness and boundless confidence, fucking on crystal alters the sense of time for us and makes us want to have adventurous sex with no end in sight and with as many guys as possible. Sessions generally last longer than sex whilst sober and crystal can keep us awake for several days, ‘partying”

For some guys, sex when ‘wired’ on crystal, can be more adventurous than sober or on other drugs. Many guys find themselves losing their inhibitions and trying new sex practices, like group sex, toy play, fisting and barebacking sex (fucking without condoms).

The Nuts and Bolts of It

Crystal can make us feel euphoric, impulsive and uninhibited. Who you are with may influence the way you take or use crystal. Some guys ‘slam’ (inject) it and some guys choose to smoke it using a glass pipe which helps reduce some of the risks associated with Crystal. A common myth is that injecting makes you feel it faster, but actually smoking does. Though, it is possible to get a larger dose in your system by injecting.

A general rule of thumb is “the quicker the hit, the faster the high”

Smoking – 5 to 10 seconds

Injecting – 15 to 30 seconds

Snorting/bumping – Up to 5 minutes

Crystal is most commonly used in private homes or hotel rooms for Party and Play (PnP) sessions, as opposed to nightclubs or at dance parties. Sessions can often include guys coming and going, with sex occurring in cycles of intensity, sometimes with breaks or sometimes without stopping.

Many guys struggle to get hard or stay hard using Crystal (‘crystal dick’) so they may use Viagra-type drugs and cock rings as well. Others are either power bottoms, or have chosen to give up on the idea of topping and get fucked instead.

Think About

Looking after yourself and your partners

Arguably, more so than other drugs, there is a huge stigma surrounding Crystal, but most guys manage their use with no problems; using it in a way that is less harmful to themselves, and with strategies in place to stop when they have done enough.

Smoking instead of injecting helps to manage the amount we use more easily, and reduces the risk of blood borne viruses and injecting injuries. Increased risk of Hepatitis B can be easily managed with a the Hep B vaccine: this involves three separate injections within 6 months, which then gives you complete protection against Hep B. Just ask your doctor for more information next time you go in for a check.

Checking in with mates about how much we’ve taken, or how much they’re taking, is great way to do this also.

With longer sessions and more adventurous sex, there’s more chance of getting of friction burns and cuts on our dick or tears in our arses. Whenever this happens there’s a higher risk of picking up or passing on HIV and Hep C. Checking your dick and condoms regularly and negotiating prevention methods (like PrEP, Condoms and Sero-sorting) before you take your drugs is a good way of reducing the risk.


The risk of HIV can be high if guys share injecting equipment, but in Australia it’s actually uncommon for transmissions to happen this way. With free and easy to access Needle and Syringe Programs, us Aussies are pretty good at bringing more than enough fits (syringes) to the party, not sharing them, and only using our own equipment.

If you are injecting with other people, there may be more blood than you are aware of. HIV dies pretty quickly outside the body but Hep C can live in dried specks of blood for 4 or 5 days. Keeping your own equipment separate and marked, using a new syringe for every hit and putting it in a sharps bin when you’re done, will help reduce the risk of confusing it with someone else’s.

New injecting equipment can be picked up at a Needle Syringe Program (NSP), or bought from a pharmacy. Taking more equipment than you think you’ll need helps prevent any temptation to re-use or share. NSP’s are located right throughout NSW and some are happy to deliver them to you.

If you want to find out more about how to inject safely, check out this easy to follow guide here.

For the closest Needle Syringe Program in your area, have a look here.


Many guys will start with a small amount of crystal to judge the strength of the batch. The effects come on pretty hard, so knowing how much more you want, or don’t want, can be judged over the next 30-60 minutes after your initial dose.

For those guys injecting, a usual dose is a mix of roughly 4ml, but knowing your limit is really important. To be on the safer side, consider starting small, with half a point, to judge its effect. Tolerance to Crystal builds up after a while; so many guys may choose to use larger and larger amounts but working out what’s right for you, and knowing your own limits, is really important.

It’s not uncommon for some guys to be on a Crystal binge for days at a time, which means the body can suffer from a lack of sleep and no food. We stock up on fruit juice and/or water to stay hydrated and try eating small amounts every few hours on longer sessions. Allowing yourself a limit on the number of days to go for before starting your session, can help set boundaries for yourself.

Check in with your doctor or mates if you are concerned you’re taking too much or too often.

Mixing Crystal

It’s not very common to mix Crystal with other drugs because it’s such a strong stimulant. But, there are some prescription drugs you may be on that have adverse reactions with it.

Anti-depressants can cause life-threatening reactions when mixed with Crystal.

Other stimulants like Viagra-type drugs, Amyl (poppers), MDMA, and Cocaine can cause a heart attack or seizure when mixed with Crystal, as they can put more stress on your heart. It’s best avoided by guys who have a heart condition.

Crystal and HIV+

Some HIV meds can cause the concentration of Crystal in your system to stay higher for longer, increasing the effect it has on your body – especially if the meds regimen contains boosters. Medications that include ‘Protease Inhibitors’, like Ritonavir, can be dangerous when mixed with Crystal because the liver has a harder time breaking down the drug which leads to higher concentrations of it in the body.

Speak to your doctor about the meds you take and how they might interact with your party drugs. The S-Check Clinic is a free and confidential service where you can speak to a healthcare professional about this, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your GP.

If you want to check up your specific HIV meds and which drugs you are taking might be affecting them, try this HIV Drug Interaction Checker.

Problem Use

For some, their crystal use can become problematic. That may mean they’re using more than they would like or their use is having negative impacts on their health or social life.

Stimcheck is an online resource for people to check in and learn more about crystal use and their health, access it here.

More of It

When you want to know more about crystal and how it might affect you visit these sites, however HowHard cannot verify the accuracy of external websites we link to and we would like to remind guys to check-in with your GP or nurse for the most accurate information and how it relates to you:

Crystal & meth at Your Room

Crystal at TOUCHBASE

HIV Drug Interaction Checker to check if your specific HIV meds might be interacting with whatever it is you are partying with.

DrugInfo at the NSW State Library can give you a thorough look at crystal and other chems.

Erowid has a huge database and offers a non-judgmental community resource on various drugs, including crystal and other methamphetamines.

NSW Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) Outlets

A Guide To Safe Injecting from AIVL