Ecstacy / MDMA

AKA: E, X, Molly, Mandy, MDMA, Caps, Pills, Pingers

Why We Do It

Ecstasy gets its name from how it makes us feel. It can enhance all of our senses, often our understanding of vision, hearing and touch become blurred, which makes us ‘feel’ music in every part of our body. As we come up, inhibitions come down and euphoria sets in, with a strong desire to share the ‘loved up’ feelings and connect with other guys in the club.

The same goes for sex: fucking on ecstasy can be intense as the drug heightens our sense of connection and intimacy. ‘Sex on X’ can end up being carnal and very tactile as we crave to touch and be touched. Bottom guys who ‘booty bump’ MDMA say they get more sensitivity and harder orgasms than they’ve ever had before.

The Nuts and Bolts of It

Ecstasy/MDMA can be taken in a number of different ways. As ecstasy (‘E’), the most common method is in pill form (usually small and round with a symbol pressed into it). MDMA is often taken in a capsule (caps) but also comes in powder form and is snorted, or rubbed in small amounts onto your gums.

It’s usually cut with other substances like Speed (amphetamine), LSD, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Caffeine and may contain little to no actual MDMA. Coloured pills with different symbols or in various shapes are used to tell different types apart, but are easily copied and can’t always be trusted from batch to batch.

The high normally kicks in after 30-45 minutes and after an initial “rolling” or “peaking” phase when it’s felt most deeply, it lasts between 3-4 hours. This depends upon the quality of the drug and what it has been cut with.

Once the high wears off, the “come down” begins. We can feel irritable, restless and generally low in mood. Some guys smoke pot at this point to help reduce the severity of the comedown, but it’s important to know an ecstasy comedown can take several days to recover from. Weekend users sometimes experience the ‘Terrible Tuesdays’ in which a few days after using ecstasy, they are more irritable and short-tempered than usual.

Our high comes from MDMA releasing the happy hormones in our brains (among them, serotonin and dopamine) and this is why we come down; because the brain is depleted of these chemicals. Some guys continue to take more ecstasy to hold off the comedown or to maintain the high for that night – but it’s important to remember that this is often pointless as there’s only a limited amount of serotonin until our brains make more. Any additional high is usually from the other drugs ecstasy is cut with.

Think About

Looking after yourself and your partners

MDMA is arguably the most social drug, and for this reason you’re probably not going to be taking it alone. Check in with your mates about how much they’re taking and ask them to do the same for you. We’ve all known (or been) that one guy who’s too out of it to realise he just took one pill before swallowing another.

Ecstasy can have some negative side effects, including nausea, jaw clenching, vomiting, and dehydration. Heat stroke is the most common cause of death (although there are few) so making sure that you and your partners stay hydrated and cool off is very important (be mindful of not obsessively consuming water on E, this can also lead to hospitalisation).

Negotiating your boundaries and HIV prevention methods (Condoms, PrEP, Sero-Sorting) before you take your drugs is a good way of looking after your health and your partners’. As your inhibitions get lower you may choose to take more risks, so share the love, and the responsibility.


Like most drugs, it’s hard to know what the quality will be like, with pills made in various batches differing wildly.

Part of the high we feel is due to the other drugs it is cut with. It’s a good idea to take a half a pill (or a small bump if you’re snorting) and wait 30-45 minutes. You should be able to work out how strong the batch is if you “come up” hard or if you don’t “come up” or feel any effect at all.

Maintaining the high by using other drugs like Speed, LSD, and Ketamine is really common but the batch of MDMA might already contain these, so it’s good to remember that you’re often managing your doses of these as well.

Use this Pill Identifier site to get a better understanding of what your batch and specific E might contain.

If you are injecting pills, use pill filters (wheel filters) if you can get them. If you can’t, filter your mix at least three times to remove the impurities that can cause problems to your veins and blood flow.

Overdosing can happen: if you notice anyone becoming unresponsive, babbling nonsense rather than just being chatty, or falling unconscious, get help immediately.

Mixing MDMA

Some anti-depressants and MDMA don’t mix well, causing a serious condition called Serotonin-Syndrome. Click here to find out more. It can also cause depressive episodes if you are pre-disposed in that way.

Stimulants, like cocaine, speed and crystal, when taken with MDMA can put a dangerous amount of pressure on your heart.

A very small amount of guys report that Caverject (a Viagra-type drug) taken with MDMA has caused permanent erections that won’t go down, damaging their dicks.

Most ecstasy-related deaths involve alcohol because it can push up the body temperature and put stress on the liver and kidneys.


There can be potentially life-threatening interactions between some HIV meds and ecstasy (especially protease inhibitors) and others can make you “come up” faster.

Speak to your doctor about the meds you take and how they might interact with your party drugs. The S-Check Clinic is a free and confidential service where you can speak to a healthcare professional about this, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your GP.

To check how your HIV meds might be affected by MDMA and other drugs, check out this HIV Drug Interaction Checker.

More of It

When you want to know more about MDMA and how it might affect you visit these sites, however HowHard cannot verify the accuracy of external websites we link to and we would like to remind guys to check-in with your GP or nurse for the most accurate information and how it relates to you:

MDMA at Your Room


HIV Drug Interaction Checker to check if your specific HIV meds might be interacting with whatever it is you are partying with.

DrugInfo at the NSW State Library can give you a thorough look at Ecstasy and other chems.

Pill Identifier at to check what

Erowid has a huge database and offers a non-judgmental community resource on various drugs, including MDMA.