AKA: G, Liquid X, Liquid Ecstasy, Gina, Fishies

Why We Do It

G can make us feel very horny and more connected to everyone around us, which is why it’s used at dance parties as well as fuck parties. The effects of G come on relatively quickly, and within 30 minutes after taking it, we can start to feel an intense euphoria and a powerful drive to fuck or connect with the guys we’re with. G also enables guys to have longer and less inhibited sessions. Fisting, toys, and group session are all common for guys who use G.

In addition to making fucking a more intense experience, G can also result in getting our cocks harder. This is why G is commonly used with Crystal, which some guys find has the opposite effect.

The Nuts and Bolts of It

G is generally consumed orally and mixed with soft drinks or flavoured drinks to mask the taste. It’s usually a liquid, but sometimes comes as a powder, and it has a distinct astringent taste. Knowing exactly how much G you’re taking, and how often, is incredibly important to avoid dropping or overdosing.

Sometimes GBL (Gamma Butyro Lactone) is added or used instead of GHB – which is stronger and sometimes easier to get hold of. GBL is said to have a foul ‘chemical’ taste, while GHB often tastes ‘salty’. Both contain ingredients used as industrial solvents/wood and paint strippers.  GBL is stronger in smaller doses than GHB – so take extra care when dosing and make sure you are even more accurate when taking GBL, as even a milliliter difference can turn a pleasant high into a dangerous drop.  Be sure to know which one, GHB or GBL, you are partying with and then dose right.

The high from G is a sustained, intense and prolonged sensation that can last 45 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on your dose and how you respond to it. As G lowers our inhibitions, we can suddenly want to do the filthiest things we can imagine like filming sex on our phones, camming online, public sex, or inviting more guys over (some of which we might regret once the G wears off).

The intensity of G can also lead to increased conversation and chatter. If the guy you’re with goes from chatty to babbling, it’s highly likely he’s had too much G.

Think About

Looking after yourself and your partners

Not every dose of G is the same, and neither are the effects; they usually last an hour, but for some people it can go on for four or five hours.

Smaller doses can feel euphoric, and larger doses can slur our speech, make us dizzy, vomit and have muscle spasms.

It’s a social drug and the best risk reduction strategy is to use it with other people around. Keeping a watch on your mates’ doses will help them from taking too much, too soon after their last hit.

It’s important not to drink alcohol with GHB, so checking in with your fuck buddies before they dose helps to avoid anyone dropping.

If you’re with others at a sauna or backroom, leaving doors unlocked stops anyone dropping on their own where no one can get help – and let’s face it, it’s a lot fucking hotter.


Overdosing on G can be hard to judge because its strength varies from batch to batch and it can just take a difference of one millilitre.

A common dose of G is about 1ml. Whether you’re sizing the dosage with eye droppers or a syringe, most people take half a dose then wait 30 to 60 minutes before taking another. Dosing by the capful can be really inaccurate so try not to rely on that when partying.

A rule of thumb is one dose per hour.

Overdosing usually happens when we take another dose before the first one has properly kicked in- it can seriously knock you out, put you in a coma and in severe cases cause death.

Signs of overdose include; sweating, vomiting, breathing irregularly, inability to stand, seizures and unconsciousness.

If you or a mate overdose or drop it is important to get help STRAIGHT away.

Mixing GHB/GBL

GHB and GBL shouldn’t be mixed at all with other depressants like alcohol, ketamine or weed (marijuana).

It’s common for people to drop or overdose when they’ve been drinking and most deaths linked to GHB are due to this very reason.

Drinking alcohol, even before taking G, depresses the central nervous system and causes you to collapse (drop).

Ketamine and G can drop you quickly – this mix can cause your breathing to really slow down and knock you out.

Valium, Diazepam, and some Antihistamines, mixed with G carry the same risk.

GHB and HIV+

Some HIV meds can cause the concentration of GHB/GBL in your system to stay higher for longer, increasing the effect it has on your body – especially if the meds regimen contains boosters. Medications that include ‘Protease Inhibitors’, like Ritonavir, can be dangerous when mixed with GHB/GBL because the liver has a harder time breaking down the drug which leads to higher concentrations of it in the body.

Speak to your doctor about the meds you take and how they might interact with your party drugs. The S-Check Clinic is a free and confidential service where you can speak to a healthcare professional about this, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your GP.

More of It

When you want to know more about G and how it might affect you visit these sites, however HowHard cannot verify the accuracy of external websites we link to and we would like to remind guys to check-in with your GP or nurse for the most accurate information and how it relates to you:

GHB Factbook at Your Room


HIV Drug Interaction Checker to check if your specific HIV meds might be interacting with whatever it is you are partying with.

DrugInfo at the NSW State Library can give you a thorough look at GHB and GBL.

Erowid has a huge database and offers a non-judgmental community resource on various drugs, including GHB and GBL.