Poppers / Amyl

AKA: Aromas, Snappers, Leather Cleaner, Video Head Cleaner, Jungle Juice, Amsterdam, Rush and other named brands

Why We Do It

Brief but strong, the high from poppers hits you within seconds, causing a heady euphoria that lasts a few minutes, which is why you’ll find a lot of us on dancefloors with a bottle under our nose, a grin on our faces, bouncing to the beat of the music.

For the same reason, poppers can give us an intense pleasure from fucking. While guys topping may use them for the rush and to get their dick hard, poppers also have a practical benefit for guys getting fucked in the arse or mouth as they relax your sphincter and throat muscles for some deep play. It’s not uncommon for those who get fucked or fisted to take a hit just before our buddy slides in, and then whenever we feel our arse or throat tightening up as the fucking continues.

The Nuts and Bolts of It

Poppers are generally breathed or huffed through the nose or mouth. When inhaled, the fumes cause blood vessels to open giving an instant rush that sends blood to our head and gives us a short-lived dizzy feeling.

Poppers can also contribute to losing your hard-on, which among other things can affect the ability to use a condom. Wearing a cock ring before taking a sniff of poppers can help you avoid this problem.

Think About

Poppers help your muscles relax, including your sphincter. While this may help you take a cock, it can also make rough anal sex easier, including toy play and fisting. Poppers also expand the blood vessels inside the arse making it easier to bleed, which might increase your risk of picking up HIV if you are negative.

The liquid can burn you if it gets on your skin, so being mindful of sores when fucking will reduce the risk of picking up or passing on HIV and STIs like Hep C.

Mixing Poppers

Erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, such as Viagra and Cialis, or heart medication combined with poppers can be a dangerous combination especially if you have a pre-existing condition. When mixed they can cause a blood-pressure drop and make you pass out.

When mixed with stimulant drugs such as speed, cocaine, ecstasy or crystal, poppers will increase the stress on your heart and put the body under a lot of pressure.

More of It

When you want to know more about poppers and how it might affect you visit these sites, however HowHard cannot verify the accuracy of external websites we link to and we would like to remind guys to check-in with your GP or nurse for the most accurate information and how it relates to you:

Poppers at Your Room


DrugInfo at the NSW State Library can give you a thorough look at amyl and other inhalants.

Erowid has a huge database and offers a non-judgmental community resource on various drugs, including poppers.