Poz / UVL

Hot sex doesn’t stop with a positive HIV diagnosis

‘Treat’ yourself when you are HIV positive and treat yourself to the sex that you want and enjoy!

For us guys who are Poz, we can now say with confidence that using UVL as a way of preventing HIV from being passed on is: safe.

The recent results are in from an Australian-based international study called ‘Opposites Attract’ on HIV transmission risk among gay couples with differing HIV statuses (known as serodiscordant couples). The study conducted by The Kirby Institute, has shown that poz men who are on treatment and have an undetectable viral load do not transmit HIV to their neg partners. Read more over here.

Early Treatment is the key to managing HIV

HIV treatment is the key to managing HIV in the long term, and the earlier it is started (within six weeks of diagnosis) the better –  for your health, your community and your buddies. A  great thing is that early treatment is a helping hand to ending HIV.

Treatment suppresses the amount of virus in a positive person’s body, which is good news for both Poz guys and their Neg partners.

Being Undetectable (UVL)

Undetectable refers to the ‘Viral Load’ or level of virus present in a HIV positive person’s blood.

If it is ‘undetectable’, it means it is too low to be detected by standard testing – but the virus is still present. For HIV positive people, a sustained undetectable viral load makes HIV transmission unlikely.

For your Undetectable Viral Load (UVL) to remain a reliable way to prevent passing on HIV, it is important to remember to take your meds regularly. And see your doc for regular viral load testing.

Find out more about what being UNDETECTABLE means


The Public Health Act in NSW requires that a person informs a sexual partner of their HIV status prior to sex, which includes both anal and oral sex. If charged, a person can make a defense that they took ‘reasonable precautions’ against the transmission of HIV.

It is important to note that the term ‘reasonable precautions’ probably only covers condom use and these cases are so rare that there’s not yet been one to test this out.

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